Corporate and Commercial Law Adelaide

At Tri-meridian we like to think of ourselves as "Solution-Finders" rather than "Lawyers".

This is because after nearly 30 years of practising law we have found that often the best solutions are not just about arguing a point of law. Rather the best solutions are fully tailored to the way you do business, what resources you have access to, which relationships are important to you, what your dreams and aspirations are for the future, what you believe and how you think.

That is why at Tri-meridian we employ a collaborative team approach to finding solutions.

This means that if you have a new or one-off problem because your business operates right at the cutting edge, we select a team with the right mix of technical skills, creative energy, innovative thinking and breadth of experience who will enjoy the challenge of finding the best new or one-off solution for you.

If you have a problem that is more common but quite complex, we assemble a team of seasoned and diverse thinkers who can identify the key issues and priorities and develop a more customised solution for you (and collectively, there are not many problems we haven't seen and solved before!).

For simpler and more routine problems we set our eager, talented young Solution-Finders the task (under appropriate supervision) of running with your problem and finding a solution as efficiently and cost effectively as possible.

We also have a tool kit full of tried and true preventative solutions to help you avoid problems in the future. In our experience, preventative solutions deliver much simpler, easier and cheaper results than the solutions needed once a problem has arisen.

So if you have a business and need help finding solutions, call us, we can help.


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