We may be a smaller sized law firm but we think our size and our culture delivers some big benefits:


We work collaboratively in smaller teams which means we can adapt and change course quickly because there is not a complex communication chain. We also respect and value your input in the solution finding process and wherever appropriate we will invite you to participate in the collaborative process.


Our aim is to add value so we will not quote you on the economy version when you need a business class solution. We also understand that the traditional method of charging by the billable hour is not always appropriate. So whilst we may still keep an account to you of our time, the amount we charge will reflect our commitment to either the fixed fee we quoted or the estimation we gave of the likely cost to find your solution.

Sometimes you have to pass it on

Some problems are more complex and trickier than others and because we value authenticity and integrity, if we don't have the expertise or resources to solve all the parts of your problem, we won't pretend that we do. In consultation with you we will identify a specialist to help solve those parts of your problem on your behalf, or we will refer you to someone we know and trust for direct help.


We aim to relate to each other and our clients with humility and grace so we will not treat you or your problem as small or unimportant. We know how difficult it is for small to medium enterprises to survive in the Adelaide marketplace because we are one too. In fact, we would encourage you to come and see us when your business and any problems are at their smallest (at conception stage) because in our experience early and good preventative solutions are the cheapest and least disruptive to implement.

Long term outlook

We want to build to last, both your business and ours. We believe that the best legal solutions are not just about how the law works, they must be crafted to fit how your business works. The best legal solutions do not just solve immediate problems, they facilitate future opportunities to secure long term success in achieving the vision, direction and objectives of your business.